Welcome to Reindeer Rush, the virtual challenge where you can raise money, have fun and stay fit this festive season.

After touring the UK, Santa’s reindeers have got themselves stuck in Manchester. With no magic dust left they need your help to get them home!

Join a reindeer team and together, run, walk or cycle the 1300 miles to lapland to power your reindeer home in time to load up Santa’s sleigh for the big event! 

With prizes for the highest fundraisers and the furthest travelled it’s a real race to the festive finish line!

Our Reindeers


  • Sign up to reindeer rush for £5 and join one of the 8 reindeer teams
  • We’ll send you a fundraising pack with instructions on joining your team and setting up your fundraising page so you can start fundraising
  • Link your fundraising page to a popular tracking app or track your miles manually. In a team of 15 you should aim to complete 86 miles before the run closes (14 miles a week)
  • The distance you travel will be added to your team to boost your reindeer towards lapland
  • Remember to encourage other people to sign up to your team – the more people in your team, the less miles you need to complete
  • As a team complete the 1300 miles to lapland to get your reindeer across the finish line
  • Sit back and rest in in the knowledge that Santa will be able to fly his sleigh this Christmas

Yes, you need to choose a reindeer team to join if you want to take part in Reindeer Rush. Don’t worry if you don’t know anybody, that’s part of the fun! Once you sign up, you will be invited to our Reindeer Rush Facebook Group where you can get to know your team members.

With billions of presents to load, Santa’ reindeers are on a tight schedule. So here’s the deadlines.

  • 1st November – Registration Opens
  • 15th November – Registration Closes
  • 6th December – Run Closes
  • 13th December – Fundraising Closes
  • 14th December – winners are announced

That means if you sign up to Reindeer Rush on the 1st November you have 5 week to complete the challenge, and 6 weeks to raise as much money as you can! So don’t delay, sign up today!

In a team of 15 you need to aim for 86 miles each, that can be made up by running, walking or cycling. But don’t worry if you feel you can’t reach that, remember you are playing as a team, so your strength may be fundraising where another member may storm through the miles in no time!

That is up to you, you could choose to join one team and all contribute to your teams overall targets, or you could split into different teams and compete against each other for a bit of festive competition!

Yes, we ask that all participants aim to raise a minimum of £100 in sponsorship. But don’t worry there are plenty of ways you can gain donations, and with our helpful fundraising pack you will be on our way to the £100 in no time!

Don’t stop! Reindeer Rush is designed to help you keep fit and have a jolly time over the festive period. There are also prizes for the farthest travelled Reindeer and the individuals who travel the furthest, so keep racking up those miles!

You can link your fundraising page to a popular tracking app, or you can track you miles manually. However you choose to clock up the miles, we just ask that you choose to be honest and no shaking those pedometers! You don’t want to end up on Santa’s naughty list!

Our Sponsors

Thank you to all of our event sponsors who have made this challenge possible. If you would like to become an event sponsor get in touch to find out more about the available opportunities

About Kidscan

This year, children across the UK will spend Christmas in hospital fighting cancer. Of those who survive 60% will suffer side effects that last a lifetime, caused by the treatments used to save their lives.

From mobility issues to organ & bone problems, Kidscan are dedicated to eradicating these late-effects by finding safe new treatments that don’t cause lasting damage to children’s growing bodies. We believe every child diagnosed should be able to survive and thrive throughout adulthood.

We invest in some of the greatest minds in the country and the money you raise will go directly to helping them make amazing discoveries.